• Abhijit Haldar

Stories In My Head

Sometimes when I’m on the road, as I watch the crowd of people shift feet, I get this sudden urge of knowing their stories. All these people, and all these stories- unsaid, unheard. Some will make a good web-series, some will make a bestseller, or maybe some I will tell my kids or maybe even my friends when I’m seventy and drinking rum with them. “See, there was this man from whom I used to buy cigarettes. He told me the most fascinating story I’ve ever heard. About how he went from being a pilot to selling cigarettes at sixty.” Well, maybe not so extravagant, but something that will surely light up a boring dinner conversation. “That man, he is a single father. That girl, she has three dogs and a cat.” Stories about ordinary people, told to ordinary people like us. Just imagine, you are drinking tea at some tea stall by the road, and this person come sits next to you and starts narrating to you how he has travelled forty different countries and rode a camel on the Sahara. And all the stories you will tell them about yourself. You’re on this date with the girl you have crushed like forever, and you tell her how you almost died while bungee jumping from the highest place you can bungee jump in the world. And she will tell you how she crashed into a police car when she was drunk and driving. You will tell her that’s some crazy shit. Maybe even worry a bit. But then, you know this story about this amazing person that you will tell to someone else. Heck, maybe you will be telling that to your kids, if things go great and you two get married. By this decade or the next, we will be so much more than we were a few years ago. Some of us will be running campaign, some will be addicts, some will be married with a beautiful family of humans and dogs, some will be failed businessmen, some will be selling plants in a nursery, some of us will be heartbroken. Maybe some of us will be writing books or making films on our own lives, or the ones we know. We have got so many stories to tell, and so many to hear. Just a little less time. Hope that by the time I'll be dying out in some cold, gray hospital room, I have a bunch of stories in my head. And I hope that for you too.

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